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 Equipment List

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 The equipment list is subject to updating now and then

*_Apple Power Mac G4 Computer
*_MOTU 3.1 Recording Software
*_Sound Libraries and Plug-ins
*_Tascam DP-32 Digital Recorder, 32 tracks with on board effects
*_Tascam DP-01FX 8 track Digital Hard Disc Recorder
*_Mackie 24 Channel Mixing Board
*_Tascam M-208 Mixing Console
*_Tascam PE40 Parametric 4 band 4 channel Mixing Board
*_Tascam PB32H Patch Bay
*_Custom Built Computer
*_Pro Tools LE 24 Track Audio Recording Software
*_Midiman Interface
*_Yamaha MSS1 Sympte Generator and Chase/Lock
*_Windows 10 Software
*_Alesis Midiverb II
*_Behringer Virtualizer Pro, a 24 bit, variable and programmable, multi-effects unit
*_dbx 266XL Stereo Compressor Limiter
*_dbx 163X Compressor, Expander
*_dbx 463X Limiter, Noise Gate
*_Boss GE7 Preamp
*_BBE 882i Exciter, Sonic Maximizer
*_PreSonus TUBEPre/2 Tube Processor Amp
*_Alesis Data Disk, Universal Data Storage
*_Yamaha MDF2 Midi Data Filer
*_Korg M50 88 Key Synthesizer, 16 Track Sequencer
*_Korg Krome 61 Key 16 Track Sequencer
*_Pioneer SA 7100 Power Amp
*_Sony TC WR590 Cassette Deck
*_Technics M6 Cassette Deck
*_Roland MC 505 Groove Box
*_Roland SP 808 Groove Sampler
*_2 AKG C1000S Microphones
*_Shure M 58 Microphone
*_Sennheiser e835 Microphone
*_AKG K240 Headphones, Realistic Headphones
*_JBL 4410 Studio Monitor Speakers
*_Martin D35 Acoustic Guitar
*_Washburn EA10 Electric/Acoustic Guitar
*_Crumar DP-30 Dynamic Piano

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