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 picture of Gary Michael McConnell - Proprietor

 Gary Michael McConnell - Proprietor

 Liquid Aural Sculpting

Established - 1988

  • An In-Home 40 Track Digital Recording Studio with analog, digital, and hard disc facilities and amenities. An exceptional and enervating audio recording experience.
  • Whether this is your first venture into the wonderful realm of creative audio recording or whether you are a seasoned audiologist (or what-not), you will feel most comfortable and "at home" in our unique environs.
  • Available for your use is an astonishing array of digital instruments, voices, and sounds with access to other incredible musicians and audiologists.
  • We have a quite broad and historical vista. We can help you with any of your projects, from an initial concept to a fully developed orchestral script, from pre to post production.
  • No project is too big nor too small, from beginner to seasoned recordist, we can, most assuredly, assist you in achieving your unique objectives in audio expression.
  • Here are, of course, the financial considerations. We have hourly, block, and project rates from $25 to $50 per hour!
  • Please call Mike at (724) 309-9880 with any of your questions or to arrange a visit to the studio. Or, if you prefer, you may simple Email us by Clicking Here!

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